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Sculpted Murals: Construction Ideas
and Planning Considerations

Proper LightingClasses, Video Now Available

The construction stage is the ideal time to plan for a sculpted mural. Proper lighting will enhance the shadows and textures allowing you to get the most dramatic results. Randy will be happy to offer suggestions as to the proper lighting locations to get the most of the shadows. Lighting too close creates too severe shadows and some of the shadows may hide the detail work Randy is known for. Lighting too far from the wall reduces the shadows and minimizes the effect.

Although built-in lighting is nice, there are creative ways to position lights without requiring an electrician or cutting into walls to run wires or mount lighting. Lights can be located behind furniture, plants, etc and just plugged into an outlet in many cases.

Mural Lighting from Below Mural Lighting from Side Mural Lighting from Top
Sculpted Mural Lighting from Below Sculpted Mural Lighting from Side Sculpted Mural Lighting from Top

Creating and Installing Sculpted PanelsExample: Sculpted Recessed Areas

Another construction idea would be to have a sculpted panel created which could be shipped anywhere in the country and a homeowner or contractor could simply “mud it in” as though it was always part of the wall. This would eliminate the need for me to travel to the site thus reducing the cost.

Sculpted Panels for Builders' Model (or "Spec") Homes

Sculpted Niche/Alcove: archway niche near ceiling Builders of “spec homes” may consider the sculpted panel option to decorate those recessed areas such as niches or alcoves without having a permanent sculpture in that area. Should a potential buyer not find the sculpture to their liking, it can easily
be removed.

Wall Color

Wall color can have an influence on the appearance of the finished sculpted mural. Lighter wall colors work the best in that they provide the contrast between raised surfaces and the shadows. Darker colors tend to diminish the affects of the shadows, and the sculptures will appear to "sink" back into the wall. However, some murals on dark colored walls have been completed, and highlighting the raise areas creates a rather dramatic effect, also.

Types of Walls

The sculptures can be done on interior or exterior drywall, plastered, or masonry walls. They can be done on smooth or previously textured walls. Walls may require an application of a bonding agent to ensure proper adhesion.


Although the business is located in Two Rivers, a small town in Northeastern Wisconsin, Randy would be willing to travel to almost any location to create that special and unique sculpture on a wall in your home or business. Travel expenses would be included in the quote. As an alternative, the plaster creation could be created in his shop in Two Rivers, crated up, and shipped to location where a contractor could simply "mud it in" to an existing wall.

Size and Price

Sculptures are done free-hand directly on the wall. There are no prefabricated or pre molded components used. Therefore, any design of any size is possible. With the amount of "hand work" done, the price will naturally depend on the size and detail required and will start at a few hundred dollars and go up from there. Many of the murals have taken less than a day to complete which presents a possible option as a lasting gift for that hard-to-buy-for someone such as a wife, mother, or mother-in-law. If you can get them out of the house for most of the day, Randy may be able to create a truly unique, long lasting gift by the time they return.

Durability, Maintenance, Removal

The sculptures are created using a plaster product and are as durable as the wall they are built on. However, as with any plaster product, it is stiff and could crack if flexed. In the rare instance that something should cause the mural to crack or chip off, it could easily be repaired.

All murals will be sealed before the project is considered complete. Randy will paint the wall for the customer. Once painted there is no special maintenance required. Naturally because of the textures, the wall would be difficult to wash but could be dusted with a feather duster or a dry paint brush if needed.

Murals, whether sculpted or painted, are investments in an original work of art and serious consideration should be given before contracting to have the work done.

To view actual samples, request a free estimate, or to discuss the endless
possibilities, click here for contact information.
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