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Residential Applications

Classes, Video Now AvailableSculpted wall murals/artwork make wonderful additions to any home, and are a perfect way to change the look and feel of a room. Intricate and appealing three-dimensional textured relief murals can be created at virtually any location, giving life to any space in your residence.

Three-dimensional MuralsDecorative AccentsNiches/Alcove Panels
Sculpted, Framed PicturesShadow BoxesCustom Woodcarvings

Because all artwork is done completely by hand, it can be made to fit any space or size necessary. Sculpted wall murals can also be applied on smooth or textured surfaces that are not flat such as pillars or curved walls that are often used on stairwells.

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Large walls that defy traditional decorating
Back Bars
Over Fireplaces
Rec Room Walls
Living Room Walls
Dining Room Walls
Theme Rooms
Any area that can
benefit from a unique
and dramatic treatment

Other smaller areas that sculpted murals can enhance include:
Accents around
Doors or Windows
Soffits over Cupboards
Areas over Arches
and Doorways

Three-dimensional Murals

Wall sculptures can range in size from one foot square to entire walls. Subjects can be of almost anything, from a favorite vacation spot, to a photo of someplace you visited in your travels, to your summer home or backwoods cabin. Singular items such as large trees have also been a favorite subject of homeowners...some have been as high as 14' and proportionately wide. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. (See below for examples.) Subject matter that is generally not considered for wall sculptures are portraits and pets. Including people in a mural is acceptable as long as they don’t have to resemble a specific person. As an example, a mural of children making a sand castle on the beach could be sculpted as long as they don’t have to look exactly like your children.

Click on each image for a full view of Sculpted Mural.
Sculpted Murals: 10 Pointer Tap Sculpted Murals: Florida Mural Sculpted Mural: Sailing Mural Sculpted Mural: SS Badger
Sculpted Murals: Beyer House Sculpted Murals: Cana Island Lighthouse Sculpted Murals: Cardinal in Birch Tree Sculpted Mural: Wall of Birch Trees
Sculpted Murals: Fulwiler Family Crest Sculpted Murals: Just a Walk in the Woods Sculpted Murals: Peninsula State Lighthouse Sculpted Murals: Country Scene
Sculpted Murals: Wildlife Galore Sculpted Murals: Mountainside Farm Sculpted Murals: Old Mill Stream Sculpted Murals: Harbor Ridge Winery Vineyard
Click here for a Gallery of more Sculpted Mural Examples.
Decorative Accents
Small decorative accent sculptures can be constructed almost anywhere you can imagine decorating. Some examples are:
• Backsplashes
• Around Door Frames or Windows (see photo of grapevine and oak leaf patterns below)
• Over Doorways or Arches
• Fireplace surrounds (see photo of fireplace surround below)
• Custom Tiles
• On Pillars
• Rangehoods with the proper material

Contractors could also use these small accents as little signature pieces in each of their building projects.

Click on each image for a full view of Decorative Accent.
Sculpted Accent: Fireplace Surround Sculpted Accent: Fireplace Surround Sculpted Accent: Family Crest Mural Sculpted Accent: Cardinal at the Window
Sculpted Accent: Oak Leaves on Wall Sculpted Accent: Cardinal By Window Sculpted Accent: Grapevine on Wall Sculpted Accent: Grapevine on Wall
Niches and Alcove Panels
(any recessed area)
Recessed areas, such as niches and alcoves, provide an opportunity to be creative. A panel can be sculpted and placed in a recessed area and can be changed as desired without it being permanent on the wall (A recessed area is suggested in order to cover the edge of the panel). You can see by the photo, Example: Sculpted Niche and Alcove Panelsinterchangeable sculpted panels can be changed out with the seasons, holidays, change of decor, or just on a whim. A small molding frame is then used to hold the panel in place and give it a finished look. After the first panel is made, the pattern will be saved should you decide to order a replacement in the future.

Click on each image for a full view of Decorative Accent.
Sculpted Niches/Alcoves: Northern Scene Sculpted Niches/Alcoves: Welcome Sculpted Niches/Alcoves: Brook by Willow Sculpted Niches/Alcoves: Comin' Home
Sculpted Niches/Alcoves: Cana Island Sculpted Niches/Alcoves: Tuscan Window View Sculpted Niches/Alcoves: Removable Panel Sculpted Niches/Alcoves: McCarthy's Pub
Sculpted Niches/Alcoves: Vineyard Niche Panel Sculpted Niches/Alcoves: Wilson Evergreens Sculpted Niches/Alcoves: Large Tuscan Scene Sculpted Niches/Alcoves: Tuscan Scene
Sculpted Niche/Alcove: archway niche near ceiling Elk Over Fireplace
Sculpted, Framed Pictures
(Hangable Murals)
Due to the many requests for portable sculpted mural pieces, framed picture-style artwork has been added to the product line. Most of the artwork is custom designed and specifically created just for the customer. Because homeowners sometimes would like to bring the pieces with them when they move, many people ask for portable pieces that they can take with them to hang on a wall in their new residence. Portable pieces also work well for renters who are not allowed to apply something like this permanently to their walls but would like to display this unique style of art.
Sculpted panels can be ordered framed or unframed.
Click on each image for a full view of sculpted, framed picture.
Sculpted, framed picture: Missed One Sculpted, framed picture: Rainbow in the Mist Sculpted, framed picture: Flowery Path Sculpted, framed picture: Tall Ship
Sculpted, framed picture: Winter Scene Sculpted, framed picture: Christmas Sled Sculpted, framed picture: Moose Congrontation Sculpted, framed picture: View from Wine Cellar
Sculpted, framed picture: 4 Seasons, Spring Sculpted, framed picture: 4 Seasons, Summer Sculpted, framed picture: 4 Seasons, Fall Sculpted, framed picture: 4 Seasons, Winter
Sculpted, framed picture: Plantin' Time Sculpted, framed picture: Tuscan Stairway Sculpted, framed picture: Winter Barn Sculpted, framed picture: Winter Ride
Sculpted, framed picture: Child Fishing Sculpted, framed picture: Broken Door Sculpted, framed picture: Cardinal in a Birch Sculpted, framed picture: Winter Wreathe
Sculpted, framed picture: Cardinals at Feeder Sculpted, framed picture: Cardinals on a Fence Sculpted, framed picture: Fall Wreath Sculpted, framed picture: Cardinal in Pine
Sculpted, framed picture: Hangin' Out at the Dock Sculpted, framed picture: Library Sculpted, framed picture: Nautical Collage Sculpted, framed picture: Tuscan Scenel
Sculpted, framed picture: Hurkman's Summer Residence      
Click here for a Gallery of more Sculpted, Framed Picture Mural Examples.
Shadow Boxes
Lighted shadow boxes have become a very popular addition to What-A-Relief. The piece starts out with an old window frame as the front (without glass). A barn board frame for the sides is then constructed and attached to create a box. An L.E.D. strip is then mounted in the box to help illuminate the sculpted panel and create more dramatic shadows. The sculpted panel is then screwed in from the back. Like the niches, panels can changed out to allow the subject to match the seasons, etc. If panels are ordered in the future, the size of the previous panel will be needed to make a replacement. Again, the panels can be made as personal as you like.
Click on each image for a full view of Shadow Boxes.
Sculpted Niches/Alcoves: Rural Cardinal Sculpted Shadowbox: Door County Lighthouse Sculpted Shadowbox: Planting Wagon Sculpted Shadowbox: Bringing Christmas Tree Home
Sculpted Shadowbox: Holiday Scene Sculpted Shadowbox: Old Outhouse Scene Sculpted Shadowbox: Spring Planting Sculpted Niches/Alcoves: Brook by Willow
Custom Woodcarvings
What-A-Relief's sculptor Randy Detjen has over 40 years of woodcarving experience, creating hundreds of unique three dimensional pieces including commissions to carve distinctive fireplace mantel inserts. The maple leaf design was made from clear pine and the Door County design was made from solid mahogany. Feel free to inquire about other custom woodcarvings you may need.
Sculpted Fireplace Accent: Lakeshore Scene Sculpted Fireplace Accent: Oak Leaves

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