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Looking for a unique, subtle and awe-inspiring way to decorate an area that could use some inspiration? What-A-Relief Sculpted Murals can help! Sculpted murals add relief, depth and texture to walls, creating the perfect accent you've been looking for. Sculptures can range in size from a simple highlight over a door toad full wall or border that encompasses the room.

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"It has been almost 3 years since you did our mural in our new construction, and I can tell you that Mark and I still love seeing it. We tell the story to each of our guests as they enter our home and gaze at your beautiful artwork; taking a father's day card from Mark's daughter and making that the showpiece of our home is remarkable. Your work was impeccable; the timing was perfect, you are the consummate professional.

From the moment we spoke on the phone until the unveiling, you were wonderful. Each of the contractors involved in the construction have commented that in all the homes they've been in, they had never seen such beautiful work. We have directed many of them and our friends to your website.

My apologies for the delay in letting you know how we feel, but we are as in love with your mural today as we were when you did it."
Mark and Cathy, Random Lake, Wisconsin
Sculpted Murals: Mountainside Farmhouse
"Kerry, myself, and the girls just LOVE IT!!! You know that you really like something when every time we come downstairs we say, 'Boy does that look good! Randy sure is gifted!'"
Tammie Blau, Dyckesville, Wisconsin
Sculpted Murals: Cana Island Lighthouse
We have a sculpture by Randy in a large niche in our condo. It has a large tree with a little girl on a swing, a pond with a little boy fishing, and our dog chasing two geese taking flight. The figures are glazed so they show up beautifully with the lighting across the bottom. Everyone who sees it raves about the workmanship and the overall effect.
Dale Lium, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
Sculpted Murals: Girl Swinging under Tree
The first thing my husband Brian said when he walked into the room was, "Wow, that is awesome!". "I am really glad we chose to get this done!" Thanks
McGregor, Gresham, Wisconsin
Randy Detjen is the artist responsible for our successful Parade Home. He designed and completed a large willow tree presented in our atrium for the August presentation of this year (2007). Randy was diligent, kind, respectful, and completely professional with his business practices with us. We told him what we wanted, and he went above and beyond our expectations creating his masterpiece for us. We received wonderful responses from those who visited our home during he parade, and the builder, too, had gotten comments that far exceeded what he had expected. There is no doubt in my mind that Randy, as an artist and person, can produce and reflect what anyone poses to him. Thank you, Randy, for your marvelous work in our atrium.
Annette Boller and Mike Spurlock, Appleton, Wisconsin
Sculpted Murals: Willow Tree
The wall art that Randy did for me in my office is exemplary, period. I could try to explain why I enjoy it so much but seeing is believing.
John Gabbey RE/MAX, Appleton, Wisconsin
RE/MAX Logo is a Trademark of RE/MAX, LLC. Logo is located in RE/MAX 24/7 Real Estate office on College Avenue in Appleton Wisconsin.
Sculpted Artwork: Remax Logo
May 5, 2009
Dear Randy,
Carl And I just wanted to write and thank you for coming to our home in New London, Wisconsin. Your initial visit, emails, and continued correspondence were wonderful. Because of that we have and enjoy exactly what we dreamed of on our wall. It is truly a vision like no other.

We both found the process so interesting. I only wish I could have been home to see the progress as the day went on and how it took shape. You are very knowledgeable and passionate about your work. We also notice how conscientious you are in keeping the customer’s feelings and asking opinions as you work. Your care to continually check with them affirms the sculpture is exactly what they envisioned.

Since the mural has been completed, several family and friends have stopped by. Most of the comments have been on the detail! The ooohs and ahhhs are wonderful and we are still amazed ourselves. We also couldn’t help but notice and appreciate the care you took in keeping the area clean and neat. You treated our home as if it were your own.

Again, thank you so much for our beautiful mural, your time, and your talent. We wish you continued success in your unique trade and many, many more wonders you will create in the future.

Carl and Gayle Keel

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